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a This is a web page that will direct you to three different loves of my brother and myself.

The first is Bucketfoot our newsletter on Baseball's Past, Present and Future.

The second page is the Shi Guise Home Page. Shi Guise is a Pop/Rock band formed by us, that has included many friends through the years.

Next is the Melvin Thornapple and the Prickly Thorns Page. This page is dedicated to the unusual in all of us.

You can also go see Melvin's Favorite Links or visit the Loch Ness Monster at "Nessie on the Net"!

Be Prickly

Eric & Jeff

Bucketfoot Baseball Newsletter
Bucketfoot's Favorite Baseball Links
Shi Guise Music Group Home Page
Melvin Thornapple and the Prickly Thorns
The Melvin Thornapple Links Page
Nessie on the Net

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