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Melvin Thornapple
the Prickly Thorns

Melvin Thornapple and the Prickly Thorns are a Colorado/California/Mars based trio. The group consists of Melvin, Jeff, and Eric, with the three of them co-writing and performing all songs. The only interesting aspect of this collaboration is that Melvin has as of yet never shown up. Therefore even though the band is called Melvin Thornapple and the Prickly Thorns, they should really be called Melvin Thornapple and the Prickly Thorns minus Melvin.

The Prickly Thorns, Eric and Jeff are better known for some of their less serious musical works with bands like Shi Guise (Phoenix, Arizona, Denver, Colorado), F.L.O.A.B.N. (For Lack Of A Better Name, Phoenix), and The Last Alliance (S.F. Bay Area). After years of comedy/novelty type songs, they decided to give serious music a try as the Prickly Thorns.

Jeff and Eric met Melvin for the first time in October of 1634 when they were returning from their first trip to see the great OBMIL. The three of them immediately hit it off and swore that they should get together soon. After meeting again in July of 1842 Melvin swore that they would get together very soon. It was at this time that the idea of the name of the band was presented by Melvin, Jeff and Eric, being prickly kind of guys went along with the idea.

But what about the songs?

Well, after waiting for Melvin some 350+ years, Eric and Jeff contacted Melvin and said, "Hey Melvin, it's time to record some tunes." Melvin was kind of tied up at the time (he's heavily into bondage) and said he would send his ideas telepathically. Unfortunately both Jeff and Eric's lines were busy at the time, so they came up with the groups first big song, Hollywood Santa Claus and dedicated it to both Melvin and the jolly old dude in the cool red suit.

Soon to follow were other songs such as A-O, Boardwalk, I Was So Tired and 7/16/77.

The band has been scheduled for several shows, but unfortunately the reclusive Melvin would never show. The public is still waiting for the bands first live performance.

Melvin sightings have been on the rise again lately, once again raising hopes that a performance may soon be a reality!

Any Melvin sightings can be reported through this web site to the Melvin Thornapple Sighting Hot Line

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