Shi Guise is a California/Colorado based Pop/Rock Band.

The band was formed by Eric Ness and Jeff Leader in Phoenix, Arizona in 1983 and recorded several tunes in two different Phoenix Area recording studios, including Waiting which made it onto both the local news and a local evening talkshow "Finn and Friends".

The band was scheduled to be the opening act at the Miller High Life - Millerfest Rock Series concert scheduled for November 14, 1985 at Arizona State University. Unfortunately, the concert had to be cancelled, and having missed their "Big Break," the band quickly broke up, with several members finishing up their schooling or moving on to other pursuits.

Several years later the group developed a cult following up in the Hibbing, Minesota area after a local radio station played a few of their songs on the late night shift.

Since about 1990 the band (Eric & Jeff) have continued to record off and on, alone and with various friends, in "The Dungeon", their 4-Track studio in Eric's basement.

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