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16th Annual Haunted Dungeon (Video)
15th Annual Haunted Dungeon (Video)
14th Annual Haunted Dungeon (Video)
10th Annual Haunted Dungeon
9th Annual Haunted Dungeon
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5th Annual Haunted Dungeon
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Growing up Halloween was always one of my favorite times of year. While very few were extravagant, I have many memories of homemade Haunted Houses and people sitting outside or at their door dressed up to scare you when they gave you candy.

As I grew older (note that I did not say "grew up") I noticed that Halloween was missing so much of the fun and innocence of my childhood. So going on 9 years ago, my brother, my wife and I decided pretty much at the last minute to create a Haunted Dungeon in our garage.

That first year the whole thing took up a third to half of the garage. Now, it fills the entire garage, takes up a good portion of the front yard and pulls in friends and family from as far as 1-1/2 hours away to participate in. In addition, a few years ago we added the castle facade (above) to the front of the garage.

This has become a much anticipated event throughout the neighborhood and in all honesty, probably gives as much or more joy to us "grown-ups" putting on the show as the kids who come back year after year.

Happy Haunting!

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