Sex, Drugs and Baseball

Darryl Strawberry is arrested for solicitation (he offered an undercover cop $50 to get under covers with him) and possession of cocaine (the cops found the drug wrapped in a twenty-dollar bill in the glove box of Darryl's car).

Darryl's soon-to-be-former Yankee teammates claim to be stunned and in total disbelief. Helloooo, this is earth calling the Yankee dugout, has anybody been paying attention? The Yankees are behaving like this all happened as Darryl was driving to Vatican City so that he could be canonized for being such an exemplary citizen. Strawberry is the second biggest blemish on the vaunted Yankee pinstripes in the past 20 years-we'll get to numero uno later.

Darryl Strawberry has a rap sheet that Denny "living-in-the-big-house" McClain would be proud of. One screw up, OK. Two screw ups, well…. Three, you're testing us. Four, hey, we mean it. If The Strawman could field baseballs with the consistency that he violates the laws of the land, he would have won several Gold Gloves.

The game of Monopoly only has so many get-out-of-jail-free cards. Baseball, too, should have a limit. Enough! Ban the bum from the game. Bud Selig can do it. He is, after all, the commissioner. The Commissioner can forbid certain actions by teams if he determines the actions to be not in the best interests of the game. So, ban any team from hiring Darryl

Allowing a person of Darryl's character to wear a Major League uniform is certainly not in the best interests of the game. The only uniform Darryl Strawberry should be allowed to wear is one issued by the penal system.

Big Bad Bud Selig is keeping Pete Rose out of the Hall of Fame because he bet on baseball. Commissioner Selig (I'm still not used to that one) continues to uphold former commissioner Giamatti's silly banishment of the games all-time hits leader. In doing so, he ensures that Pete remains ineligible for Cooperstown, and Cooperstown remains incomplete. Well, Mr. Selig, how is Rose's infraction any more of a blemish on the game than Strawberry's behavior? At least an argument can be made that Rose's actions were due to his suffering from a disease. Strawberry has no defense (in court or on the field). "Me so horny" is not a valid disclaimer.

Darryl Strawberry is bad for the game of baseball. Ban the Bum.

Now, as for the absolute worst blemish upon the vaunted Yankee pinstripes-in fact, the biggest blemish on all of baseball.

Steve Howe. Steve Howe. Steve Howe. Steve Howe. Steve Howe. Steve Howe. Steve Howe. Steve Howe. It looks a little goofy typed out eight times in a row. It looks a lot worse when each time you see the name it is followed by a story about his latest failed drug test or arrest for possession. Baseball screwed up big time when it repeatedly allowed Steve Howe back into the game. C'mon, is pitching really that hard to find?

Well, Steve "one-more-chance" Howe finally got his due. It's just a shame that his daughter had to be a part of it. In case you missed the story, Howe's young daughter plays on a softball team. Someone affiliated with the team asked Steve Howe to help coach the kids. Shoot, he's a former big leaguer, this would be great. The board that oversees the kids' league heard about it and wisely put the kibosh on it. "No way," they said. Too risky to have a felon around all those kids.

Steve Howe said the board's actions were silly. He didn't see anything wrong with a multiple drug offender being entrusted with a bunch of kids. Wow. I guess that really says it all.

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