More Hubbs Flubs...

In the September 2002 issue of Baseball Digest, the magazine invited its readers to fill out a ballot listing their TOP TEN choices of eligible former players to be elected to Cooperstown. Their TOP TEN. Ya got that, right? Their TOP TEN former players most worthy of a plaque in Cooperstown. What did we learn from this exercise? Three things.

  1. Such exercises are indeed fun.
  2. Three relatives of the sadly departed Ken Hubbs got their hands on a copy of the September issue of Baseball Digest.
  3. These same three people have no credibility when discussing baseball.

We here at Bucketfoot are sure to get a rash of hate mail for the preceding observation. We can live with that. But c'mon, Ken Hubbs for the Hall of Fame? Your hate mail has lost what little sting it had because we at Bucketfoot do not hold those who are delusional accountable. Bye.

Oh... and the Bucketfoot choices... Pete Rose, Pete Rose and Pete Rose.

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